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I like how you incorporated Felix standing by the bridge at sunset in the game into this. This pairing works very well and you executed it as such. Few is the only one who sees Felix for his actual gender. She's a keeper.

One thing in particular that I like what you did here is have Few liken the humans to "orcs the color of dried grass". I'll admit, when I first read it, it took a while for me to process what was meant and the same probably went for Felix as well but it's an interesting analogy. Between the physically aggressive nature of the orcs and the environmentally destructive behaviour of the humans, it's most likely that the light elves see them both as equally dangerous.
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RobanCrow Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
It's always good to make something of what's already available. The more in-touch with the canon, the better, especially with an off-beat selection of characters. :'3 She sure is a keeper. I wasn't sure how badly to have him kick himself for his response, "Beautiful." Because he did very much realize that, omfg, he just sounded like all the guys who have ever hit on him and what if she took it that way, what if she's offended like he would be, dammit Felix you such at this socializing thing. (Except it went right over Few's head. ...Or under her feet, whichever.)

Ahah. I wasn't sure how well it worked, but I liked it too much to let it go. |D

Thanks, bro~ ♥
Haayls Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course, bro! :heart: Keep up the good work!
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